Sunday, June 22, 2008

A new commission system?

Wanna try something new? ^_^ Inspired by some artists from DeviantArt, I decided to do one thing I never did: commission slots outside of eBay. The concept may be familiar to you, but I'll explain how this experience will work from here. I'm opening now 10 (ten) commission slots. The rules are on the 'links' menu to the right, so you can access it any time with ease. OK! Ready? Let's do it! :)

Commision Slots #2008001 - CLOSED!

01. Marco - Baroness in black bikini w/ Cobra logo

02. Marco - Morrigan after bukkake session
03. Goblin King - Matsumoto (Bleach)

04. Goblin King - (04+05) Goblin Queen and Jean Grey
05. Goblin King - (04+05) Goblin Queen and Jean Grey
06. Goblin King - Enchantress

07. Frelncer - Ivy (Soul Calibur IV)

08. Frelncer - Taki (Soul Calibur IV)

09. Michael S. - Jade - Green Lantern (Female)

10. Michael S. - BatGirl getting Dressed

Guys, thank you so much for making this experience a success! :) I'll start sketching your pieces tomorow and, hopefully, post the previews of the same at late night. Some reserves had to go to the next slots - you can check them using the new 'commission slots' menu to the right. As soon as I finish the corrent slots, I'll post the previews here and open the reserver to the next. STAY TUNED! ^__~


Marco said...

I just buyed two commissions slots :)
Great idea!

Carl said...

Excellent. I was always mystified why you didn't operate with this system before. (And why not have a website, too? Or at least a Devart account.)

I'm going to be short on money for the foreseeable future, so I can't reserve a slot, but some time soon I'd like to commission a 5 or 6 character adult piece on poster-size paper.

Dottie said...

Thats a great idea! I hope it works out well for you!

Green.Leader said...

How do we send you pose ideas ? Let me know.

kidbiscuit said...


Just finished sending my down payment, hope I get in on the last four slots. If not, I'll have to set something on fire.


Not yet at least. I was wondering, on your idea of sketch books, would they include some of your past work, or all new stuff? I ask because I have several of your older pieces from eBay printed out that I am fond of, and they are no longer available either on photobucket or here as well. Also, I am on the fence on the doujinshi. I like your style and the way it is suited, and right now I cannot see it translated into a harder edged porn style. Then again, i never thought anyone could make Princess Peach look sexy, and you proved me wrong there, so what do I know.

Anyway, I look forward to seeing my commission, and since it is a character I have not seen before, i am sure people will be clamoring for more pieces of her after they see mine. Heck, who thought Wednesday Addams would look as fine as she does on the I have on the way?

Robert said...

I fully support this system. I think it will be working very well for you. I did have a question, though: are sketches available for some of your older commissions? I'd play $25 for the sketch of my commission (the Ice Cream Girl you did for me two months ago).

I'd also be behind the sketchbook idea, as well as any adult themed artwork you'd create.

Marco said...

How is going? I cannot wait to see the preview of my two commissions!

TraceTen said...

How would you do a anime character who is black?

Anonymous said...

Im a little hesitant to buy anything else from you since I havent gotten the commission pieces from your last set yet.