Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tomorrow comes today

Hi again! ^__^ I won't even bother you with explanations, so here goes the preview:

I really love the idea of making sketch books! ^__^ Do you guys have any reference for me? For the guys interested in prints, soon I'll post more info on how things will work from now on, ok?

About the B-Side... Well, are you guys interested in adult stuff? I'm playing a bit with that ideia for quite some time and am completely opened for sugestions. I'm thinking about making adult doujinshis/fanbooks with more heavy/hardcore content... That would be a fun project to say the least! ^__~

That's it! Sorry again for the delay on posting the previews. Hope you like it! :)


Carl said...

Oh, wow. The motherlode. I see my commission, and it's gorgeous, better than I had hoped for. Thanks, Daikon!

(Is that SD3's Angela I see? Wow, never thought I'd see her get some artwork.)

Green.Leader said...

Very cool !!!

Dottie said...

Great work again Daikon! =D

Anonymous said...

Holee....!!!! Your talent makes me weep with joy!

My two look commissions look great! Looking forward to ordering more.

Carl said...

Adult content sounds great to me!

Marco said...

Adult content?! WOW! I would like to have an adult sketchbook from you (something like a Doujinshi) or an original adult comics!

Anonymous said...

or even just more adult oreinted artwork. commisions are great as well. adn hope to hear more about prints in the future.

one of these days im going to purchase a commision from you.. i swear i will.

Anonymous said...

oh and one more thing. i was wondering fi you will ever do any more colored artwork or comissions?

i won an ebay auction a while ago. it was chastity i believe. love that piece and have it framed on my wall above my computer desk. gets comments from everyone that sees it.

Kyle said...

I'm hopping on a plane in a handful of hours, otherwise I'd scan some of the artists' sketchbooks I have collected for your reference. Some of these are higher quality than others -- both by production values and content. Some have been professionally printed and some others likely were made at the friendly neighborhood Kinko's Copy and Design Center (and there's nothing wrong with that either).

My favorite of the sketchbooks utilize a title masthead on a blank front cover that allows that artist to drawn an original piece or remark on the cover (for an extra charge, of course). It's also nice to see these as limited numbered editions (ie: #12/500). Artist Francis Manapul (former Witchblade regular, Necromancer, etc.) has done his sketchbooks this way for a few years and they are among my favorites in my collection.

Some sketchbooks feature one finished pin-up piece per page and some others show mainly rough drawings cram-packed as many as possible on a page -- this choice is yours, really. You can also do them in theme books (ie: Video Game Divas; Good Girls/Bad Girls; Movies and Cartoons; Monsters; Superheros, etc.).

Hope this little bit helps. When I get back in town, if I can find the free time, I'll try to scan in some sketchbooks and e-mail them to you for further reference.

And finally, as for more adult-themed pieces...why not? There seems to be a market and your talents lend well to smoking pin-ups so it seems to be a natural marriage to me.

Beelza-Bubba said...

Wow! I really like how you did my Angela piece. Super job, my friend.
I have a friend that makes sketchbooks for Arthur Adams, and a few other artists, he could give you some good tips for getting one done. He is also one of your customers!

Anonymous said...

Can anyone list down who the characters are here? If you list them from top to bottom, left to right, I think its:

1-Magdalena 2-Magdalena 3-???
4-??? 5-??? 6-Angel(SD3)
7-WW/PowerGirl 8-??? 9-Tifa
10-Phoenix 11-Jessica Rabbit 12-Supergirl
13-WonderGirl 14-Casca 15-Baroness
16-Jubilee 17-??? 18-???
19-???(Shazam) 20-??? 21-???(Shazam)
22-Dirty Pair 23-??? 24-???
25-??? 26-??? 27-Queen Gorgo(300)
28-SevenofNine 29-??? 30-BlackCat
31-??? 32-Padme 33-???
34-Leia 35-Wednesday Adams

Are any of these wrong? Which ones did I miss??

DaiKon said...

Hi guys, I'm glad you like it! :) Also glad to know that adult content are welcome to some of you; but I'm still waiting more opinions and sugestions, ok? ^_~

kyle: Thanks a lot, your message was very helpful and inpiring. The sketchbook idea is great! You may see something done very soon! ;)

Oh, and for the help of you that didn't recognize all the characters, here goes the list:

01. Magdalena
02. Magdalena
03. Phantom Lady
04. Sophitia ("Soul" series)
05. Racheal (Martial Champion)
06. Angela (Seiken Densetsu 3)
07. Wonder Woman + Power Girl
08. Nina (Breath of Fire II)
09. Tifa (Final Fantasy VII)
10. Dark Phoenix
11. Jessica Rabbit
12. Super Girl
13. Wonder Girl
14. Casca (Berserk)
15. Baroness
16. Jubilee
17. Lulu (Final Fantasy X-2)
18. Red Sonja
19. Mary Marvel
20. Hawkgirl
21. Mary Marvel
22. Key (Dirty Pair)
23. Yuri (Dirty Pair)
24. Jean Grey
25. Goblin Queen
26. Meggan
27. Rangiku (Bleach)
28. Kelda (Thor)
29. 7of9
30. T'Pol
31. Blackcat
32. Cowgirl (ramdom)
33. Padme
34. Mara Jade
35. Leia
36. Wednesday Adams

Cya! ^__^

Dottie said...

OMG I WOULD LOVE IT IF YOU DID DOUJINSHI COMICS!! I collect them in Japanese and English Translated. Would you most likely do the in English? Doujinshis are also a great wahy to get your art and name out. Maybe take them down to your comic shop? Hack if you have the right stuff you can print them at home low cost. ^_^


Carl said...

People who don't know who Nina is make me sad. :(

Daikon, how about offering larger-size drawings? Right now you can only fit two characters max on the current size paper you use. What if I'd like to commission, say, four or five characters in a cityscape, or a similar amount of characters in a bath? I don't think you'd want to take your current paper size, flip into landscape mode, and draw everyone smaller to fit them in.

Anonymous said...

I really don't know what to do here. You have never replied to any of my emails over the past 2 months and I was forced to get a refund from Paypal because the 45 day maximum time was coming up. Then you email us all saying everything is done and that I need to reply to you about sending payment again. But once again you're not replying to my emails.

I'm sorry but it's great and all that you did the two characters I wanted (even though I asked to see the prelim sketches before you finalized them so I could 100% have what I wanted (to which you agreed when I first emailed you before the auctions end)) but how can I buy these from you. There's no assurance I'll get them and you not contacting me isn't making things easier.

If this is the way it has to be then I hope the two characters you made for me get you something off eBay more than what I would have paid for them.


DaiKon said...

Dottie: I'm very excited about doing doujinshis! I certainly will try to make it at home myself - I love that kind of manual work! :)

Carl: Bigger drawings would be great! I have thought of that before. In fact, was thinkng about doing some poster sized originals, but I never bother trying it because I didn't know if people would pay the price for it. I would love to hear everybody's opinion about this matter.

Jake/vash080: Calm down, Jake, I just contacted you yesterday. I didn't saw your reply till this moment, that's why I still didn't respond you.

I don't really think it's a problem do deal with in public, but as you seem to prefer it like this, it's fair to let the other guys know what we're talking about.

In resume: commission paid; request sent; I said I would send sketch previews; then lack of contact by my part; claim posted on PayPal; money refunded; finished the commission anyway; contacted Jake yesterday.

Now, I must say, I never said anything about "sending payment again"; When I saw your PayPal claim (closed and money refunded) I contacted you asking for your apologies for any frustrations I may have caused, and wondering if you were still interested on those pieces - in case, the Casca and Baroness ones. In your email that I just saw, you said you were interested, but now I'm not sure.

I wasn't ignoring you over the past two months. The thing is, I wasn't replying my emails at all. You couldn't know that, so I assume the fault here, and that's why I emailed you yesterday.

Jake, you have no obligation at all to buy the pieces. If you want them, you have the priority; if not, no problem, really. I just wanted to make sure that everything was ok. I'm still sorry for everything, and hope to work with you again in the future.

Green.Leader said...

I would not mind buying the Baroness :D

Beelza-Bubba said...

That Baroness is pretty awesome! I wouldn't mind owning her as well...,


Anonymous said...

Daikon, I'm not angry or hysterical at all and I'm sorry if I came off that way to you. But it seems that you only reply to questions on this comment board through your website and never with emails. I mean you didn't even mention my email question about buying the prelim sketches in your post here.

But in any case I'm trying to resend the money to you through Paypal but I'm now getting this message:
"Authorization Failed

This recipient is currently unable to receive money."

You're not making it easy for me to get these commissions which I really do want. Email me back or post here but please let me know what you want from me and how I should do it.


MAV said...

Hey Daikon. Cool to here you are looking into more adult themed content. I'd definitely buy any doujin or sketchbook you would release, as your artwork rocks, and I'm glad I got 2 commissions from you(The ikkitousen Kanu and Ryomou). Just wondering if you thought about taking on commissions with that sort of adult content you are thinking of?

Carl said...

Daikon, what kind of price increase would we be talking about for poster size/multi-character drawings? Let's throw adult content in there too.

Roland said...

Daikon, are these previews from the late April 11x17 Commission auction (item #300219644868)? If so, would you please drop me a line at ? I figure this may be a better bet to catch you than an email ;)

Green.Leader said...

Hey DaiKon, have these been mailed yet ? I still have not received them and I am a bit worried now. Please let me know.