Sunday, June 22, 2008

A new commission system?

Wanna try something new? ^_^ Inspired by some artists from DeviantArt, I decided to do one thing I never did: commission slots outside of eBay. The concept may be familiar to you, but I'll explain how this experience will work from here. I'm opening now 10 (ten) commission slots. The rules are on the 'links' menu to the right, so you can access it any time with ease. OK! Ready? Let's do it! :)

Commision Slots #2008001 - CLOSED!

01. Marco - Baroness in black bikini w/ Cobra logo

02. Marco - Morrigan after bukkake session
03. Goblin King - Matsumoto (Bleach)

04. Goblin King - (04+05) Goblin Queen and Jean Grey
05. Goblin King - (04+05) Goblin Queen and Jean Grey
06. Goblin King - Enchantress

07. Frelncer - Ivy (Soul Calibur IV)

08. Frelncer - Taki (Soul Calibur IV)

09. Michael S. - Jade - Green Lantern (Female)

10. Michael S. - BatGirl getting Dressed

Guys, thank you so much for making this experience a success! :) I'll start sketching your pieces tomorow and, hopefully, post the previews of the same at late night. Some reserves had to go to the next slots - you can check them using the new 'commission slots' menu to the right. As soon as I finish the corrent slots, I'll post the previews here and open the reserver to the next. STAY TUNED! ^__~

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tomorrow comes today

Hi again! ^__^ I won't even bother you with explanations, so here goes the preview:

I really love the idea of making sketch books! ^__^ Do you guys have any reference for me? For the guys interested in prints, soon I'll post more info on how things will work from now on, ok?

About the B-Side... Well, are you guys interested in adult stuff? I'm playing a bit with that ideia for quite some time and am completely opened for sugestions. I'm thinking about making adult doujinshis/fanbooks with more heavy/hardcore content... That would be a fun project to say the least! ^__~

That's it! Sorry again for the delay on posting the previews. Hope you like it! :)

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Previews coming tomorrow!

Hi there, guys! I know, I know... I'm two weeks late with the commissions, but everything is ok: all the pieces are finished and ready to ship. I had some problems and it ended taking a bit longer than usual, so I'm really thankful for your patience. To show my appreciation for your understading, I'll give to each one of you a print of an exclusive (not for sale) illustration - here is a preview of the sketch:

Hope you like it! ^__^

I ordered some big cardboards and am currently waiting for it to arrive so I can ship them all. I'll let you guys know, of course, so keep checking the blog! :)

Are you guys still interested in prints? I'm thinking about selling it outside eBay, only via direct contact. Please, let me know your thoughts.

Parenthood is great! My little boy is growing up soooo fast, it's kinda sad...