Thursday, July 03, 2008

Commision Slots #2008001: FINISHED!

Hey there, guys! Much later than expected, but it's finished; I finished it yesterday, but only could post today. In fact, the drawings were done in two days, but it was hard finding time to paint it. Some of you guys have art to be shipped (from the last eBay commission batch), so you dont have to pay any extra for shipping. Also, if you want the sketch from your commission from this slot, please add US$25 to your final payment.

Important notice about the last eBay commission batch: Some of you have asked if they were already shipped. The answer is no. As you know, I was waiting for the card boards to arrive (yes, it took a while, but I bought A LOT) and they finally called me yesterday. I didn't had the time to go get it, but hopefully I'll get it today. I'll post a shipping notice here as soon as it's shipped. The good news - for some of you anyway - is, like I said above, you will save some money on shipping! ^__~

Below, you can see samples of the slots #2008001:

And now, on with the slots #2008002! :)

Commision Slots #2008002 - RESERVES OPEN!
01. Michael S. - CatWoman in fighting mood
02. Kidbiscuit - Judy Nails
03. Ed L. - Akiko Daimon
04. Vittorio - Mai Shiranui (bouncing boobs; getting cumshots)
05. TraceTen - Yoruichi (Bleach)
06. TraceTen - Vixen (Justice League) - looking back pose
07. Brent C. - Pirate Girl
08. Guy S. - Devil Woman


Anonymous said...

awesome!!! will you be selling prints of these?!!?!

kidbiscuit said...


Thanks for the update on the earlier eBay commission auction. I was beginning to fret over my Wednesday Addams piece. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. I cannot wait to see my Judy Nails piece in the next batch of commissions. I was wondering if you got the full description of how I would like her? I was cut off in the PayPal description box, and sent the full description to you via regular email. Also, will you start on the new batch of commissions after you reach 10 spots, or go ahead and start them here shortly? I have two other characters I am itching to see, but I want to wait and see how Ms. Nails comes out, and also not fill up two more spots from other people. Anyways, great work as always, and I hope to see the new pieces soon.


Dottie said...

There all so great Daikon! =D

Vittorio said...
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Vittorio said...

Yuhuuu I'm the fourth!! :)