Friday, November 21, 2008

eBay Commissions - Previews

Hi there! Here they are: the previews you were waiting for! Hope you like your piece(s), I know I enjoyed doing them all. Thanks for the support, guys! ^_~

That's it this was the last batch. I won't take commissions anymore . I'm moving back to Japan very soon and I don't want to make you guys wait even more to get your pieces - who knows what kind of problems can show up during the preparations? This time we'll have a baby with us, I'm kinda worried, it's a long flight - Brazil to Japan, other side of the globe, 26 hours at least. Hopefully everything is gonna be perfect. All this means that I will have much less time to draw from now on, and I truly don't know If I'm gonna keep selling my sketches once I get in Japan. Truth be said: I still have a bunch of pencil sketches, about 20 grey toned sketched, and that's it. I'll list then on eBay as soon as I can, hope you like them too! :)