Saturday, April 12, 2008

Latest commissions!

Hi guys! Here goes the preview, hope you like it:

l know I said I would ship them last Monday... Well, I will ship them next Monday. I had them all finished last Tuesday, but Mr. Murphy decided to conspire against me on the last couple of days, so here I am; all commissions finished and not sent yet. Er... By the way, the post office don't open at weekends, that's why I'll ship them on next Monday! ^__^;

Tomorrow I'll list another lot of sketches on eBay; don't forget to take a look! :)


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous, thank you so much!

Earl Allison

Dottie said...

Wow Those are so wonderful! I look forword to seeing your new listings! I hope one day I can own one of your works of art Daikon! Good Luck with the Auctions!

Carl said...

Whoa, you're still around!

Hey, how would I go about commissioning you, as opposed to bidding on something you've already drawn?

Beelza-Bubba said...

I really like the way my commission came out! And everyone elses looks great as well. Now I have to figure out what I want done for my second commission...,