Sunday, July 03, 2016


Almost eight years since my last update. Must be a record or something. ^__^;

If there's anyone crazy enough to still access this place, that person should definitely check one of the following links: - NSFW

I'm currently active on Deviantart and still am trying to figure how to take any advantage of the others sites.

Thank you for your support all over these years, guys! Maybe I'll see you on one of those spots. ^__~


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LastnameKim said...

I see you have changed your ebay ID/handle to avoid all of the bad rep you've received for the many years of ripping off innocent bidders on what you claimed were original, but just copies / prints of outlines of work and the only "original" part of your art was the marker outlines in gray. Such a shame I wasted money on all those prints thinking they were actually originals.