Monday, May 05, 2008


Hey guys! Sorry my last post; I was really upset at that particular time.

Anyway, I've been working a lot, thanks for you guys! :) I'm currently working on the 11x17 pieces, but for now I'm posting a preview of the latest smaller commissions - hope you like it! ^_^



I had to say something. It was my bad, I should specify which commissions are these; All the pinups you see in the image of this post are requests from winners of auctions #300215800423 and #300216170646.

Carl, you won a commission from auction #300219644868, am I right? I'm really sorry for my lack of contact, I'm working hard do keep up with all the requests - there was 3 lots of 25 commissions, plus some extras I'm doing for the guys outside of eBay. But please, rest asured that your piece will be done as soon as possible and will be posted here, so please stay tuned! :)

Oh, and green.leader, thanks a lot for beign there for me! ^__~


Carl said...

Are these commissions for an earlier listing? I got in on your commission auction from April 27, Paypaled and emailed you details, and don't see mine in that image...

Anonymous said...

Im in the same boat as Carl is. eBay auction ending Apr-27 and I don't see any of my requests in this collection.

I only post here because I sent two emails (to with 2 seperate character descriptions asking you for a confirmation reply in each, but I never received any.

No rush from me, but I'd like to know if you got my emails or not.


green.leader said...

I believe this was the Item number: 300215800423 which ended on April 13th. I see my three star wars figures. So the next batch will be the first 11x17 which ended on April 21st.

Please be patient guys, I have bought from Daikon for many years and he allways comes through.

green.leader said...

Carl and Jake, I should have added that your auction was the final one for the 11x17 which ended ony April 27. I am keeping track because I bought art from each options :D (sucker that I am)

Anonymous said...

Oh no, I wasn't trying to come off as being impatient. I just saw that Carl was wondering about the same thing I was. And now that I've re-read Daikons' post I see that he said these illustrations were of a smaller commission set while he is now working on the larger ones.

Please, I didn't mean to come off as worried or rude. But thanks for the extra info green.leader :)

BTW, very nice set you posted Daikon!


Dottie said...

Wow! They all look great Daikon!

Carl said...

If that's a separate commission set from the one anon and I were involved in, then that's understandable--and they look great, to boot.

But I do hope I get a reply with at least an acknowledgment of the particulars of my commission...

Anonymous said...

wow i love mine!!! the Girl Wildfire with Dawnstar is amazing and HOT!!!

Thanks Daikon!!!
--caf: deviant boys, legion of

Anonymous said...

Should I be concerned that Daikon only addressed Carl and grean.leader in his edit??? :P


Carl said...

I'm not bothered at all!

Thanks for the update, Daikon. I'm looking forward to the next batch!

Troy said...

Sorry to bother you... but have these commissions been sent out?

I would ask through eBay, but since its past 60 days, the listing has disappeared from My eBay... and I notice you are starting a new system outside of ebay.

I had requested the Witchblade Takeru Manga piece previewed here.

If you need to contact me, my ebay id is tparkeart.

Thanks and love your work,

- T.